In the age of the digital world, a single post can make or break a brand or business. That is why according to a digital marketing speaker Hong Kong, companies need to collect social feedback. Even a video marketing agency Hong Kong highlights the advantages of knowing how other people see a brand or business. Below are some ways to collect social feedback from a social media agency Hong Kong.


First, let us define social feedback. Online users can give opinions about the quality of an offering and the relevance of content through social feedback. Social feedback does not necessarily mean a written text. It may be a comment, badging, flagging, like or dislike, thumbs up or thumbs down, ratings, testimonials, etc. 


The following statistics will show the importance of social feedback:

  • More than 56 percent of modern consumers complain about poor follow-up services.
  • More than 67 percent of unsatisfied customers will share their bad experiences with a brand or business with 15 and more people.
  • More than 77 percent of modern consumers favored brands with good customer feedback.

With online users spending an average of 2 hours and 25 minutes on social media daily, it will be wise for every brand or business to build a good reputation through social feedback.


For brands and businesses that are looking for ways to collect social feedback and proof, here are some of the basic steps they can do.

Customer Interviews

Take advantage of your happiest and most loyal customers. They will be glad to give feedback about the brand or business. The only thing you need to do is initiate a customer interview.

Feedback Button

Placing a feedback button on your social media pages and websites is another way to collect social feedback. It can encourage new followers or visitors to give opinions and suggestions for the betterment of the brand or business.

Follow Up Emails

Email is not dead. More than 332 billion people open their emails daily. That is why follow-up emails or newsletters can be another way to collect social feedback. They will help brands and businesses find out if customers were satisfied or if there is something that they need to improve.

Live Chat Survey

After a live chat, you can ask your viewers to leave feedback. You can assign a moderator to handle replying to a post-chat survey. Be grateful for any commendation. Treat every complaint as an opportunity for improvement.

Offer An Incentive

Another way to collect social feedback is to offer an incentive. Giving opinions and suggestions take away the valuable time of online users. It can encourage them to provide a fair viewpoint in exchange for a bonus.

Online Survey

The easiest way to collect social feedback is to display a simple survey link to your social media pages and websites. Better yet, you can send the survey link via email. A brand or business can hit two birds with one stone through online customer surveys. First, it is an opportunity to get leads. Second, it allows them to discover how people see a brand.

Post Purchase

It is also important to encourage recent customers to provide feedback after an eCommerce transaction or sale. The sales team of a brand or business can do it right after the purchase.

Social Media

Modern customers often share their experiences through social media posts. Brands and businesses should monitor social media channels for any user-generated content UGC related to their offerings.