According to a digital marketing speaker Hong Kong, around 68% of existing eCommerce customers are unhappy with the customer service of a brand or business. That is why many customer bases among eCommerce stores tend to decline. A social media agency Hong Kong suggests that a well-defined plan can help avoid customers. As a video marketing agency Hong Kong notes, here are customer retention tips for eCommerce.

Customer retention is a compilation of actions and activities made by a company to avoid customer deflection. Its main purpose is to keep customers and followers as loyal advocates. There are many ways for brands and businesses to nurture customers and keep them in the long run. For eCommerce stores, here are some of the best practices.


People love discounts and freebies. Running contests on your eCommerce websites can stir excitement among existing customers for brands and businesses. They can very well boost customer retention. At the same time, they can encourage sharing to expand customer reach.


Most customers love brands and businesses that meet their varied needs. Cross-selling is a customer retention strategy for increasing the overall value of an existing client. It saves them time from searching for products and services. It then increases profit by 25% to 95%.


Designing a strong Call-to-Action (CTA) is another way to retain your existing customer base. Offer limited offerings, promo codes, or urgent subscriptions to compel them to convert. It can keep the fire burning from checking any updates about the brand or business.

Customer Account

Another good strategy to retain existing customers is to encourage registration for a customer account. It can make the buying and rebuying process easier for them by keeping track of their purchase history. It can also help brands and businesses identify relevant items they can offer to keep the customer using their products and services.

Email Marketing

Email is not dead. Many brands and businesses still use email marketing for customer retention. Sending coupons, discounts, personalized messages, simple updates, special offers, etc., can retain shoppers as customers.

Loyalty Program

Develop loyalty and referral programs for bulk buyers, frequent buyers, and recommenders of the products and services. Rewarding existing customers for being advocates of a brand or business is a great way to retain a good relationship with them. An element of surprise like a digital gift certificate can also give excitement to random buyers.


Nothing can beat word of mouth when it comes to gaining loyalty and trust. Highlighting customer reviews on eCommerce websites can boost customer retention. It shows how brands and businesses treat customers. Positive and negative reviews also display that a brand or business is open to having more room for improvement.


A unique selling proposition (USP) is the outstanding quality of a brand or offering that makes it stand out among the rest. To display the USP of brands and businesses, you should write detailed product descriptions carefully and extremely, with the target audiences in mind. Capturing a consistent quality of a product or service can best retain customers in the long run.