LinkedIn is the world’s largest network of professionals. According to a digital marketing speaker Hong Kong, a complete and up-to-date LinkedIn profile can help brands and businesses showcase their stories and strengthen relationships.

A social media agency Hong Kong highlights the most important LinkedIn figures in a nutshell. Being a gold mine for B2B marketing, there are lots of other essential LinkedIn statistics that every marketer should know.


LinkedIn was founded by Reid Hoffman in 2002. It was officially launched on 05 May 2003 and is now under the leadership of Ryan Roslansky. The business-oriented social media platform started as a job-hunting network. Users create a profile similar to a resume. Connections are formed through invitations and acceptance. From there, the user can ask connections for character referrals and job recommendations.

Microsoft acquired LinkedIn in 2016. The acquisition brings together the world’s leading cloud network and the world’s leading professional network as one. Today, LinkedIn has diversified its business into advertising sales, member subscriptions, and recruitment solutions. Currently, with 810 million monthly active users (MAU), the platform has seen a phenomenal rise in 2021.


Here are some essential LinkedIn statistics that every marketer should know. They can help brands and businesses decide if it is worth focusing on LinkedIn marketing.

Every week, LinkedIn received 9 billion impressions on the newsfeed.

Only 310 million LinkedIn users actively posted on the platform. These published posts amount to 3 million of published content weekly. But despite having less than 1% of monthly active users posting in the platform, LinkedIn receives 9 billion impressions on the newsfeed every week. That is equivalent to 36 billion impressions per month and 468 billion impressions per year. This essential LinkedIn statistic just showed that it is highly likely for a brand or business to get noticed on LinkedIn if they regularly share content.

More than 50% of social traffic comes from LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is the best platform if you are aiming for website traffic. More than 50% of the social traffic on B2B websites and blogs comes from LinkedIn. Facebook and Twitter rank 2nd and 3rd even though they have more active users every month. This is because LinkedIn has fully cemented itself as the go-to platform for people looking for interesting and valuable content. It may be the reason why 92% of B2B marketers used LinkedIn in their marketing mix.

Over 57 million companies are on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is where 40 million company decision-makers and executives spend their free time. People from the Fortune 500 companies, self-employed, and SMBs are actively scrolling on LinkedIn newsfeeds to look for interesting and valuable content. At LinkedIn, you tend to get high-quality content. It is very unlikely to show cat videos, memes, and wedding photos on the platform. Recently, LinkedIn announced that it does not rest on half a billion users. It targets to be a central point of contact for 3 billion people, the current global workforce estimate.

Over 59% of LinkedIn users are between 25 and 34 years old.

Anyone born from 1981 to 1996 is called a millennial. As of 2022, over 59% of LinkedIn users are millennials – people aged 25 to 34 years old. Out of 2 billion millennials in the world, 87 million are on LinkedIn. It means that brands and businesses can reach future decision-makers via LinkedIn. Whenever we think of social media, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter are the leading platforms that come to our minds. But the millennial generation is using LinkedIn as a hub for advice. It is a good resource for building a community, promoting brands, and sharing legitimate news.