The main benefit of a LinkedIn campaign is its ability to efficiently target professionals in a dedicated industry or niche. According to a digital marketing speaker Hong Kong, LinkedIn campaigns can be used for increasing visibility, job recruitment, lead generation, promoting content, and sales of products & services. A social media agency Hong Kong notes that the platform has many marketing solutions for companies to expand online reach. For a video marketing agency Hong Kong, there is a checklist to get the most out of a LinkedIn campaign. 

Account Setup

For an account setup, here are some elements that brands and businesses should not overlook.

  • Conversion Tracking. Set up conversion tracking to collect retroactive data.
  • Demographics. Use demographic data to segment your target audiences on LinkedIn.
  • Insight Tag. An insight tag is a java script code that LinkedIn Pages can drop on their website to boost visibility. Once a brand or business sets up a campaign, you should add all company domains under it.
  • Retargeting. LinkedIn allows creating segments under “Matched Audiences.” Enabling retargeting ensures building more than 300 members before a campaign starts.

Campaign Setup

Under campaign setup, there are three things that brands and businesses should never forget to set.

  • Campaign Objective. Be careful in setting campaign objectives on LinkedIn Ads. Once the ads are running, you may not be able to change or update anything.
  • Language Ad Format. It is also vital to make sure that you save the language ad format of your choice. Once you have saved the campaign, you may never be able to change it.
  • Naming Convention. Use consistent naming conventions on your LinkedIn ads. It is to easily identify and scan your campaigns.


Before a brand or business launches a LinkedIn campaign, it is important to ensure that you have several audiences large enough to reach your desired return on investment (ROI). Do this by learning how to forecast targeting on the forecasting tab of LinkedIn.

Bid And Budget

Setting up the bid and budget of a LinkedIn ad is the most challenging part of a campaign.

  • Campaign End Date. Select a campaign end date to ensure that the LinkedIn ad goes out once the campaign period is fulfilled.
  • Competitive Bidding. Competitive bidding means bidding at the high end of the bid range to leverage auto-bid and maximize campaign results.
  • Conversions. Be sure to apply conversions on duplicate campaigns. They are not set by default in the LinkedIn Ad Manager.
  • Creative Format. Brands and businesses should also align the creative format with available assets and campaign objectives.
  • Daily and Total Budget. It is best to use a content calendar to determine your daily budget.
  • Enable Audience Expansion. The default setting for a LinkedIn ad is an enabled audience expansion. It can help brands and businesses target similar audiences.
  • LinkedIn Audience Network. Brands and businesses can also use the LinkedIn Audience Network to maximize reach. It is a premium feature that goes beyond the organic LinkedIn feeds.


Brands and businesses should ensure to maximize their LinkedIn goals by having at least four pieces of content in each campaign. You can track them beyond clicks through 3rd party tracking.

After Launch

Make sure to use lead generation forms to further enhance campaign results. Review the metrics in cadence as the campaign starts or ends.