More than half of the world’s population uses social media. This means that there is a strong potential for brands and businesses to promote their products and services within the said platforms. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, etc. have their own ways to help advertisers and marketers. But to a digital marketing speaker Hong Kong, everything boils down to creating quality content.

According to a social media agency Hong Kong, one of the main criteria for effective social media content is its shareability. It signals that the users enjoyed the content. In another point of view, it shows that content offers something valuable. Once shared, the content can go viral and reaches audiences beyond your imagination.

For a video marketing agency Hong Kong, a shareable video is something that appeals to the viewers’ emotions. They either evoke admiration, happiness, or inspiration. In general, they create positive emotions. If you want to focus on branding by creating shareable social media content, here are some tips you might want to check!

Add Social Share Buttons to Your Content

The first step to making shareable social media content is adding social share buttons. Everybody loves convenience. With social share buttons, it is easier and faster to share content. Many social media networks enable tools for sharing. You can use CTAs, reaction buttons, and swipe-up links on Facebook and Instagram. Twitter has a “Click to Tweet” sharing button. You can also use free tools like “Add This” or “Share This” to connect your content to the rest of the world.

Get Visual as People Love Them

Social media users love visuals. It is because they are easier to digest and more engaging. A wall of text is not going to move the emotions of your target audience. Rather, eye-catching images and video can make your social media content shareable with a majority of users. A recent survey found out that articles using visuals for every 75 to 100 words are shared more than double than those who use fewer visuals.

Give Complete Information and Make It Useful

Shareable social media content should give complete information at a glance. It should show who created the post, what is it all about, and what users can get from it. Accurate data and stats can be very helpful to validate any claim within the content. Knowing and understanding your target audiences allow you to create content that can solve their problems. It is the first piece of the puzzle to making your content useful and shareable.

Originality is the Key

One of the most obvious rules in content creation is to avoid being a copycat. Originality is the key. If you want to create shareable social media content, share something that people have never seen before. For example, if you are curating or repurposing a specific content, it may be best to break it down into bite-sized chunks to make it easy to digest. Then, you can add unique data or point that you have proven as effective in your niche.

Post a Mixture of Content

Creating shareable social media content also means posting a mix to avoid your audience getting bored. You can play a long game with evergreen content like FAQs, how-tos, informational posts, statistics, etc. Alternatively, you can also post content about trending topics. They can be relevant for a short time but can cause a huge spike in your brand’s popularity.

Write Captivating Share Texts

Besides social share buttons, writing captivating share texts can influence social media users to share your posts. A little effort can be a simple trick to make your social media post go viral. One good hack can be using bullet points, emojis, quotes, or stats. Using them can bring you to a win-win situation.